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Keeping in regular contact with your customers/prospects is critical to your businesses success. The easiest and most effective way of keeping in touch is via email. A great way of keeping in touch with your customers is to inform them of your latest news, publications and offers, but doing this manually using traditional post is labour intensive - and expensive.

You will be able to contact hundreds (or thousands) of customers without any fuss at all, just send me your news story, article, special products or promotions and I'll do the rest. Your messages will have the design, look and feel of your website so that recipients will recognise your brand.

  • How much does it cost to setup?
    I offer 2 solutions, Professional (£299) and Professional Plus(£379).
    Professional is a lighter version but still contains all the necessary components for a truly bespoke email campaign. Professional Plus is ideally suited towards larger commerce firms that want to exactly replicate their existing websites.

    Both of these costs are one-off and cover the design of the master 'template' which will carry future campaigns.
  • What about ongoing costs?
    This is where you really make massive savings. I offer two payment methods Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go. Deciding between the two depends on how many subscribers you have and how often you want to contact them. As a rule of thumb if you have 501 or more subscribers, and you want to contact them at least once a month then Pay Monthly is your best option. Find out more here
  • But how will I know if my campaigns have been successful?
    This is where email marketing really proves its worth over traditional methods such as post. For every campaign deployed you'll be emailed a link. Click on this link and you'll be able to see how your campaign performed. The clear and easy to understand graphics will show you how many people opened your email, how many clicked on it, what they clicked on and how many emails never arrived (bounces).