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Logo design services from pauldesigns

A well designed logo will become the basis of your brand identity. Consistent use of your logo will help customers or suppliers recognise and remember your business. A website is generally designed around the logo, everything from its colours, fonts and overall feel - so it's important that the logo is up to scratch.

When designing a logo consider :

  1. Overall design - should be based around your core customers
  2. Use of colour & fonts (use both these to tell your story)
  3. Where will the logo be primarily used? Print, web, black & white press, flyers?
  4. Keep it different from that of your competitors
  • What's the cost of a logo?
    The fee for designing and building a logo is £199.00.
  • What formats will my logo be available in?
    Once the design has been completed you will receive a CD containing you logo in different formats such as .jpg, .tif, .gif, .eps, .ai, .bmp & .pdf
  • What if I want printed copies of my logo?
    Once I've started to design your logo I'll email you draft copies in PDF format. Should you wish to receive draft copies in print there will be a charge of £15.00.